Archives and Documentation Center

About the Center:

Archives and documentation centers have been established in the state to find a solution to the issue of information and documentary accumulations due to the expansions in different state sectors, including the university. Such expansions include new programs, activities, and events.

This accumulation of documented information made it difficult to control the volume of these documents; therefore, it was indispensable to find a scientific method to facilitate regulating these documents, first by classifying them, then processing them and making them available to facilitate access to information in the least effort and time possible.

Therefore, this task was entrusted to the archives and documentation centers in government agencies, in their capacity as specialized entities. They work on inventorying, organizing and making available documents in an automated manner in accordance with the applicable regulations and legislations in terms of maintaining the documents, benefiting from them and disposing of what is not needed or what has no value.

According to this vision, there must be a supreme regulatory body working on developing plans, regulations and approving the Center’s work related to the University documents in terms of plans, development, procedures, and setting bylaws for the University documents. Consequently, a standing committee for archives and documentation has been formed pursuant to the royal decree that regulates the matter, so that the committee shall be the primary reference for the University documents. In addition, the committee shall approve the documents to be transferred to the National Center for Documents and Archives, and the disposal of documents that are no longer needed in accordance with the regulations and bylaws governing this process.